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We are glad to welcome you to the General Representative Office of Jouvence Eternelle Ukraine!

Swiss brand Jouvence Eternelle is a novelty on the Ukrainian market.

The sensational development of the Swiss scientist biochemist Alberto Fauci is a completely new revolutionary approach to solving the problems of wilting the skin of the face, neck and décolleté, hands, as well as treating acne and restoring the skin after an illness, eliminating scarring.

The basis of all means is the main active ingredient – an extract of the stem cell culture of the Alpine rose. Stem cells are grown using new technology in the world of cosmetology PhytoCellTec ™ Alp Rose.
We provide complete information on technology, compositions and capabilities in modern cosmetology. We will acquaint you with the latest scientific developments that are not published in the broad media due to their high competitiveness. You will try on yourself the impact of the most modern tools that are produced in limited quantities and are available only in a few countries of the world.

Learning consists of theory and practice. Each specialist has the opportunity in the process of learning to feel the effect of professional and home care.

Jouvence Eternelle gives you the opportunity to get a quick visual effect and prolonged action.
For lovers of injection cosmetology, salon procedures and home care products from Jouvence Eternelle will be great helpers in protecting against photoaging, for antioxidant therapy, getting rid of pigment spots of any origin, couperosis, to create a beautiful porcelain color of the face, creating a quality barrier layer

The skin of the upper eyelid, as has long been known, after the end of exposure to botulinum toxin injection, loses its elasticity. With regular daily home care with two products from Javons Ethernel – ALPINE EYE REPAIR COMPLEX and ALPINE EYE ZONE SMOOTHER CREAM, the skin of the upper eyelid does not lose its elasticity regardless of age.

For fans of no-injection methods, Jouvence Eternelle is the only alternative for a daily bright lifting effect without changing individual facial features. Each bottle in the form of pleasant care contains complex biological products for antioxidant therapy, protection from photo-aging, getting rid of pigment spots of any origin forever, from rosacea, to create a beautiful porcelain complexion, to form a qualitative barrier layer of the epidermis and significantly slow down the processes of aging of the skin’s own skin tissues, neck and décolleté.

The basis of all means is the plant stem cells of the Alpine rose, which correspond to the epigenetic factor of the epidermal stem cell. Thus, daily applying pleasant means, you rejuvenate your own stem cells, correctly stimulating them to divide and form their own tissues, as well as fill the already formed “voids” with plant-stem cells corresponding to their own tissues.

For fans of radical cosmetology procedures – peelings and laser procedures, Jouvence Eternelle is also an “ambulance” – a means for the speedy restoration of a quality barrier layer and protection from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Javons Ethernel is a revolution in modern cosmetology. Due to the fact that cosmetics are produced only in one small laboratory in Switzerland in large batches, these funds are not sold in the Internet and in stores, and are not advertised in wide media. Javon Ethernel cosmetics are widely known only in narrow circles. The cost of drugs in Ukraine is temporarily 2-3 times less than in the USA and Switzerland

PhytoCellTec ™ Alp Rose is the most advanced technology in Europe and America, which is used by celebrities interested in exclusive innovations from the world’s best biologists.

Get to know personally what will become the main tool in the market of cosmetology services in the future to restore faded beauty and preserve the eternal youth of still young skin.


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