The school of non-injection rejuvenation

The school of non-injection rejuvenation Jouvence Eternelle spends “Client days”. Cosmetologists introduce you to the latest sensational discoveries in the world of cosmetology.

Each meeting is dedicated to solving serious cosmetology problems by an easy, quick and pleasant method for different age groups. The model for demonstrating the effect is chosen with lottery method from the group members.

For women 50-55 + years:

The problem of age-related changes in the skin of the face, neck, décolletage and delicate skin around the eyes.
During the procedure, you immediately see the result of the external manifestation:

  • Elimination of sagging delicate skin around the eyes and edema;
  • Quick lifting of face, neck and decollete skin;
  • Lightening of the skin at 1-1.5 tone.

As a result of the procedure, internal processes occur: the mechanisms of bioremediation of the epidermis and dermis tissues naturally are triggered – the effect of the epigenetic factor of the stem cells of the Alpine rose. In other words, the cosmetics of the Jeavons Eternel brand launch, activate and control the process of forming their own “building material” of skin tissues. Thus, natural facial rejuvenation comes from within by a natural (natural) method and own rejuvenated cells.

Visually, wrinkles decrease by 45%

Cosmetologists will share secrets, as you can “erase from the face” for 10 years. This knowledge will be useful to you in daily life or before a landmark event, where you will surprise everyone with their fabulous rejuvenation.

For women 30-35 years old:

  • Solving the problem of acne and traces after acne;
  • Pigmented spots of photo and hormone origin;
  • Couperose;
  • Dry skin and premature wilting.

Cosmetologists will share a secret, how you can maintain youthful skin without aggressive procedures and without negative consequences.

The cost of participation is 500 UAH, the number of participants is limited. Preliminary record is required.

All participants of the “client day” will feel the effect of the procedure “Non-injection lifting of the delicate skin around the eyes” with the help of the CONTOUR MASK AROUND THE EYE “ELPINE SELLULA” and will experience the phenomenal effect of the hand cream from Javons Ethernel.

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