Professional care. Regular cleaning procedure “Eternal Youth”. Line ALPINE CAVIAR

All cosmetics from Jouvence Eternelle are complex biological treatments in the form of pleasant care products.

“On the red carpet” procedure provides a quick, injection-free facelift in the form of instant filling of fine and deep wrinkles of the face, neck and décolleté area, regardless of age.

First step


15 minutes

Four-stage cleansing provides deep, delicate exfoliation, normalizes the level of acidity (pH) of the skin, and also replaces mechanical cleaning.

  1.  ALPINE CLEANSING FOAM was applied to the wet skin, massaged, and rinsed with warm water. The tool removes the remains of sebum, makeup and various impurities, creates a drying effect.
  2. ALPINE CLEANSING MILK was applied to the moist skin, massaged, and rinsed with warm water. The tool creates a moisturizing effect and restores skin hydration.
  3. ALPINE GENTLE TONIC was applied to dry skin. The tool restores the acid balance to the level of 4.5 -5.5.
  4. ALPINE GENTLE PEELING was applied with a thin layer. After 5 – 7 minutes after drying, rolled along the massage lines, the remnants were washed off with warm water.

The tool has a vessel-strengthening, anti-edematous, antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action. Counteracts the activity of the virus Herpes simplex (herpes simplex) type 1, enhances the protection of the skin against pathogenic floras. At the same time, it brightens the skin by 1-1.5 tones, as well as evenly and delicately cleanses the stratum corneum, thereby smoothing the texture and provides deep penetration of the active components.

Second step

Lifting the face, neck, neckline and delicate skin around the eyes

40 minutes

  1. ALPINE CELLULAR EYE CONTOUR MASK was applied to the lower and upper eyelids within the perorbital zone. The tool has a bright lifting effect – instantly removes edema, fills wrinkles, tones the skin of the upper eyelid.
  2. ALPINE THERMAL MASK was applied to the face, neck and decollete. The tool has a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, whitens, activates blood circulation. Launches the mechanism of tissue regeneration – activates its own stem cells.
  3. ALPINE CAVIAR 24H SERUM was applied over the mask. Moistened in hot water with fingers to emulsify along the massage lines. The tool activates the mask, which creates a lifting effect and a powerful detox.

After 20-30 minutes, both products were washed with hot water.

Third step

Moisturizing and visual effect

  1. ALPINE EYE ZONE SMOOTHER CREAM was applied on the periorbital zone. The tool has a calming effect after exposure to the active components of the mask, completes the process of filling tissues – creates a perfect smooth skin around the eyes, protects against photo-aging – the consequences of exposure to UV rays, activates the regeneration of its own tissues.
  2. ALPINE CAVIAR 24H CREAM was applied to the face, neck and décolleté. The tool completes the process of filling tissues with an extract of stem cells of Alpine rose with the addition of an extract of algae of the Kaulerpa genus – activates the synthesis of collagen formation, creates a porcelain complexion, protects against photoaging.

Without hormones, without parabens, non addictive