“Perfect eyes” procedure.Line ALPINE CELLULAR

All cosmetics from Jouvence Eternelle are complex biological treatments in the form of pleasant care products.

“Perfect eyes” procedure

First step


5 minutes

  1. ALPINE CLEANSING FOAM was applied to the wet skin, massaged, and rinsed with warm water. The tool removes the remains of sebum, makeup and various impurities, creates a drying effect.
  2. ALPINE CLEANSING MILK was applied to the moist skin, massaged, and rinsed with warm water. The tool creates a moisturizing effect and restores skin hydration.

Second phase


15-20 minutes

  1. ALPINE CELLULAR EYE CONTOUR MASK was applied to the lower and upper eyelids within the perorbital zone. The tool has a bright lifting effect – instantly removes edema, fills wrinkles, tones the skin of the upper eyelid.

Third stage


5 minutes

ALPINE EYE ZONE SMOOTHER CREAM was applied on the periorbital zone. The tool has a calming effect after exposure to the active components of the mask, completes the process of filling tissues – creates a perfect smooth skin around the eyes, protects against photo-aging – the consequences of exposure to UV rays, activates the regeneration of its own tissues.