Jouvence Éclair Photon Beauty

Jouvence Éclair Photon Beauty, also known as IRF treatment.

Three modes create a 3T effect – a quick improvement in skin tone, texture and skin turgor.

The effect is achieved using three programs of light radiation with a wavelength of 560 and 120 nanomillimeters.

Jouvence Éclair Photon Beauty Red light improves turgor and tone:

The warm red rays open the pores by the method of deep thermal exposure, penetrate the epidermis, then into the dermis and conduct serum molecules, due to which collagen bundles are straightened, fibroblasts are activated, cellular hydration is restored, skin cell metabolism and blood microcirculation are accelerated.

Blue light mode aligns the texture:

Cold mode instantly improves the texture of the skin, closes pores and reduces their size, eliminates redness and minimizes visual creases from wrinkles.

The cold regime also eliminates pathogens and toxins from the skin’s cellular system.

Green mode for periorbital zone:

The green mode is a powerful and concentrated microsecond pulse that penetrates deeply into the skin, providing microvascular circulation of collagen, as well as the expansion of compressed collagen fibers of the periorbital zone. Creates phenomenal rejuvenation, firmness and density of the skin, eliminating dark circles and wrinkles.

The impact on the skin of Jouvence Éclair Photon Beauty along with biological products Jouvence Eternelle enhances the effect of the formation and growth of collagen and elastin by 80%. One procedure maintains a lifting effect for up to 5 days.

As a result of the application, a pronounced effect is visible – the perfect tone, smooth texture and turgor reinforcement!

Éclair Photon Beauty (“Javons Eclair Beauty Photon”) is convenient for salon and home use. This is a highly effective non-invasive (non-injection) all-season method that does not require special training.