Ukrainian singer Olya Tsibulskaya presented a new video clip “Dіvchinka”, in which she turned into the maid of a wealthy family, who wanted to play pranks as soon as the house owners went.

“This video will remind women that in each of us there is a little minx who wants a holiday. All girls, without exception – both housewives and businesswoman have to indulge themselves and at least sometimes give full will to their desires”, – the singer comments.

In one of the shots, Olya puts on herself cosmetics of the brand Jouvence Eternelle, which she uses herself.

“I hasten to share with you my joy that you can stay young and fresh without losing your individuality, as often happens if a girl enjoys injections. I always dreamed that I would grow up mentally, and my face will always be young and fresh! My dream came true – I found Eternal youth in the full sense of the concept. Now I’m sure I can avoid the beauty shots that frighten me. I am happy that an absolutely safe, painless, natural alternative to injections has appeared in Ukraine! Cosmetician’s procedures and home care improve the condition of my skin every day! It is all about updating at the cellular level, which occurs due to the phyto-stem cells of the leaves of the Alpine rose, which are completely safe for our body. I am glad that the product does not contain hormones that are addictive and invade the natural hormones, and this does not go without a trace. Growing up beautifully and without wrinkles – it is possible! I chose this path! ”, – the singer and presenter shares her impressions of Jouvence Eternelle.

Jouvence Eternelle helps Ole Tsibulskaya not only to feel like a girl, but also to look like a girl. Watch a new video for the song “Girl” with the secret of eternal youth of the most singing TV-host.