Model, singer and TV presenter Dasha Astafieva reveals the secrets of her beauty for the online version of Vogue magazine. Among the favorites are jewelery cosmetics from Switzerland Jouvence Eternelle.

I have freckles, but they do not bother me at all. Many makeup artists do makeup so as not to hide them. I do not have panic fear of the sun, but I am sure: the skin of a person is one, and you need to keep it young. So I treat with respect to sunscreen.

I have dry, sensitive skin that is subject to challenges: daily makeup, shooting, concerts, and hops. I usually am satisfied with the condition of the skin outside of work and often hear in my address that I have more to do with natural beauty than “war paint”. Therefore, I always recommend the right home care and sound attitude to your skin.

About favorite beauty brands

I am in the eternal search for the ideal means. One mark is impossible to give preference. Three of my favorites are: Jouvence Éternelle, Perricone MD and Eisenberg. Their means of these brands are my advocates and rescuers. My favorites include No Lipstick Lipstick, Perricone MD, Alpine Cellular Hand Cream, Jouvence Eternelle and refreshing facial water.

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