From brand ambassador

It was not by chance that I became the face of the brand.
Today I am 47 years old, and I want to share with you the secret of eternal youth that I found for myself in 2016.

A period has come in my life when traces of the post-acne are still visible, and the skin around the eyes, neck and hands already gives out and even ahead of the passport data. I tried all the methods that the market offered – the most expensive and fashionable, but everything led to the inevitable change in my personality.

I was lucky to meet in the Swiss Riviera (Montreux) a “magical” biochemist who owns the most advanced scientific developments.

Dr. Alberto Fauci revealed to me the secret of eternal youth, hidden in the brand Jouvence Eternelle, which means “eternal youth.” After the three-month daily use of the Jouvence Eternelle products, I got an even tone and aristocratic porcelain complexion, the epidermal layer was restored and tightened, “The Magician” erased wrinkles and signs of fatigue from my face, and removed the marks of post-acne and fibrous consolidation of a long-standing scar.

Jouvence Eternelle is my “invisible hat” that protects against photoaging year-round.

And also this “magician” permanently removes age spots and the causes of their occurrence.

In the form of pleasant care products, a full range is packaged to solve all cosmetic problems in a small assortment.

The brand is not use a lot of PR, as it is produced selectively and in small quantities. JE care products cannot be bought online or in stores, but only with your beautician.

Try it once, and you will get the result that you dreamed about!

Leading beautician and brand ambassador in Ukraine Alyona Kondratenko