About us

Jouvence Eternelle is a monobrand, cosmeceutical laboratory located in the Swiss Riviera – the city of Montreux.

Craft production and membership in the association for the protection of Swiss-made cosmetics SWISSCOS guarantee protection from counterfeiting.

In Ukraine, the office is located in the center of Kiev.

We work with clinics and beauty salons – we conduct informational and practical seminars for cosmetologists, dermatologists and estheticians. For clinics and partner salons, exclusive conditions have been developed.

For clients, we conduct a school of non-injection rejuvenation in the form of information and practical seminars.

Epigenetics is a new era in anti-age therapy.

Javons Ethernel – preparations for epigenetic therapy and prevention of skin aging in the form of premium waste funds, the basis of which is the patented biotechnological complex PhytoCellTech Alp Rose ™, restoring the activity of its own skin stem cells.

The active substances of the complex initially affect the stem cells of the epidermis, which are located on the basement membrane, and restore the cycle of renewal of keratinocytes corresponding to the 25-27-year-old age. The change in the activity of keratinocytes leads to the restoration of the synthesis of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans in the dermis, which restores the turgor, color and texture of the skin, eliminates couperose, pigmentation and wrinkles.

Epigenetics in the beauty industry – a new direction associated with the use of epigenetic factors in the creation of cosmetics. For the first time epigenetic cosmeceuticals appeared in Switzerland in 2008. The main task solved by epigenetics is the use of biologically active substances (bio-molecules), prolonging the life of their own skin stem cells, changing the activity of genes, but not violating the structure of DNA.

Cosmetic preparations Jouvence Eternelle [Javons Eternelle] in the form of pleasant uhodovye cosmetics can slow down the processes of natural wilting, restore the lost youth of the skin of the face, without losing personality traits and without side effects. As well as a small amount of funds solve a wide range of problems – pigmentation, couperose, acne, traces of post acne.