About us

The Jouvence Eternelle brand is a combination of the gifts of nature and the achievements of science. Translated from French by Jouvence Eternelle (“Javons Eternel”) means “eternal youth.” Brand performance is fully consistent with the name.

Experienced Swiss chemists and biologists worked on the creation of formulas under the guidance of the famous biochemist Alberto Fauci.

Research and clinical trials have led scientists to conclude that as a result of regular salon and home use of Jouvence Eternelle cosmetics:

deep wrinkles are reduced by 45%;

fine wrinkles are reduced by 95%.

Thanks to the epigenetic factor, epidermal tissues are densified by 54%, creating a high-quality barrier layer.

Epigenetics – cosmetology and medicine of the future, based on plant stem cells for human stem cells.

Jouvence Eternelle is a bio-complex, packed in the usual form of care products for salon and home use.

The basis of all the brand’s products is the unique PhytoCellTec ™ Alp Rose bio-complex.